Housing Associations

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Housing associations are organizations that don’t work for profit. Instead they own, and manage rental houses. Because they are non-profit, money that inhabitants use for rent is put back into the maintenance of the property. The housing association is designed to help make accommodations for everyone. In some associations, it’s made easier for elderly or disabled people to live within the association. In many areas, a housing associated home has lower rent demands than any other type of home.

Buying Your Home through Your Housing Association

Sometimes you can benefit financially from buying a home through a housing association. For example, you can acquire or buy a home at a possible discounted rate. Also it’s possible for the elderly or disabled to receive additional benefits that the homeowners association may have put in place.

Management and Funding

Housing associations have a paid staff, but for the most part they are run by a board of volunteers that make all of the important decisions for the housing association. In England alone there are over 30,000 board members that voluntarily run housing associations throughout the country. Boards can consist of various people and groups, such as business people, politicians, and of course residents of the community.

Your rent and service fees that you would normally pay to a landlord goes to the housing association, and they use it to maintain the community. Each housing association uses their finds for different reasons, but they are all designed to help improve and maintain the association, especially since the housing association is a non-profit entity.

A housing association may be the perfect place for you to live within depending on what you want from your housing community and how involved you want to be in the process.

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