1-2-10 Year Warranty

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In many states, there is a law that requires new homes to have a minimum amount of coverage for the first 10 years. This is where the 1-2-10 year warranty comes into play. This warranty helps provide three different types of coverage for your home over the course of 1, 2, and 10 years, respectively. Within this time your home can be fully protected from defective materials, design, and noncompliance with the legal building standards. This warranty offers a great amount of coverage for newly built homes that can have a variety of defects and can be discovered during the early settlement periods within the home.

What does each Year Cover?

For the first year of your warranty, your home or building will be completely free from any defects that may occur due to poor workmanship or poor use of materials.

The two-year period protects your home from all defects that may be caused by poor installation. The defects covered by this warranty include cooling, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems that were poorly installed at any point during the building process.

Finally the ten-year period of coverage protects your home from all other forms of large construction defects that exist due to noncompliance with legal building standards.

Complete Protection

Some fear that a company can get out of the warranty for the defects on the home, but there are measures set to protect you and your home. For example, if the home is sold to a new resident who inherits the warranty or if the home is remodeled in any way, the remodelers are subject to a warranty themselves. Even if the building company goes bankrupt, there is a recovery fund available to you as a homeowner.

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