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Within your home, there are various appliances that create a certain standard of living. These appliances need to be protected by a warranty in the case that they break or are stolen. Everyday many people are left victims of theft or have an appliance break inexplicably. Replacing them can be an arduous and expensive process. Home warranties help to reduce the financial burden.

Brown and White Goods

Your home always holds two types of appliances, your white goods and your brown goods. Your white goods are all of your major appliances that are usually large and very important to everyday living. Major appliances include items such as your dishwasher, air conditioner, freezer, stove, water heater, and microwave ovens. As you may have noticed, these appliances are usually white. They are important for cleaning, cooking, and regulating the temperature in your home, which is why it is ideal to get a warranty that protects them.

Your brown goods are other appliances that are usually much smaller in size. These appliances include your home entertainment systems, such as your televisions, DVD and Blu-ray players, or video game consoles. They also include other devices such as cameras or telephones. These items were typically covered in wooden cases, hence the name “brown goods”.

Protecting these appliances vary in cost, but a home warranty ensures coverage of these items in the event that you lose either of your brown or white goods and you need to replace them. Establishing your home can take years and it can be difficult to get everything back once you’ve lost it.

A home warranty prevents this by protecting the goods you have worked so hard to acquire.

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