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What does an introducer do?

An Introducer’s job is to bring the client to the insurance company and make sure that they get insured. There are different types of introducers for various types of companies and organizations, which include home insurance and liability insurance. An introducer receives a commission for each person they bring to a designated insurance company, and it serves as a lucrative service for those who have a strong and wide network of people they can reach out to. It’s not difficult for a person to set up an introducer agency, and it’s usually done when the insurance agent themselves don’t have the proper time to establish full insurance coverage for their clients.

Approved Introducers

If you’re one of the people that has too many clients and not enough time, being an approved introducer may be the best thing for you. Introducing clients and getting them insurance gives you a commission and keeps them covered. As an introducer you’re still making your money while helping out your clients along the way. Introducers are simply there to help bridge the gap between a client and their insurance company, and those who do it well are rewarded greatly for their efforts.

E&O Insurance

One type of insurance your clients can get after they’ve been introduced to us is E&O Insurance. E&O Insurance, which also stands for error and omission insurance is a type of coverage that protects your clients from the financial burden of errors they may have made while on the job. For example, if your client were to make an error when building a house and it caused a huge amount of money in repairs and replacements, the insurance would cover the client and take care of the costs for them. E&O insurance is the perfect type of coverage for those with very difficult jobs that can cause a heavy financial burden when a single mistake is made.

From our loyal customers

CRL Management have provided me with the cover I needed to satisfy the bank during my build project. But that’s not the end of the story. Where they really stood out was their efficient and proactive customer service. Steve Loveridge was always very quick to respond to my queries. I even emailed him after normal working hours with an urgent query from the bank and he worked late into the evening to make sure I had the answer when I needed it. I’m very happy that I chose CRL Management Ltd.

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