Title Companies

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Title companies are designed to help make sure that the title of a home is not only legitimate, but that you also receive the insurance for that home as well. Most of what the title companies do is help with the finances that come with purchasing your home. They usually maintain an escrow account for you that have all of the money that you need to close on the home, and they make sure the money is only used to close and settle on the home.

Title companies can conduct a formal closing on your home and they can bring all of the papers, explain them to you, and collect all of the costs as well as distribute the money to the different parties.

Getting Title Insurance

One of the key aspects of title companies is that they provide you with title insurance. Most of the time, the company that gives you the insurance is not the insurance company itself, but instead the title company acts as an agent of the insurance company and gets paid a commission to give you your policy.

There are two policy types you can get as a home owner, the owner and lender type. As a lender, you must get insurance to protect your investment and make sure that your home is safe while you pay for it. The same can be said for an owner, but they aren’t required to get one.

The Value of Title Companies

Title companies are a great go between for you and the other parties you have to deal with while you’re trying to purchase your home. Through these companies you can be covered with insurance, deeds, and making sure everyone who you have to pay gets the amount of money they need in order for the deal to be finalized.

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