An exposure to errors and omissions is a great way to lose thousands or even millions of dollars in funds due to a mistake on your part. There are many jobs that require error and omission or E&O insurance to help cover the costs of you potentially making a mistake. In a lot of instances people don’t believe that this insurance is necessary for them, but this type of coverage is perfect for those occasions where you may make a mistake or something happens while you’re on the job. If you do make a mistake, and causes a huge problem with the building you’re working on or the project you’re doing, you want to make sure that you have insurance set up to protect you.

What Is E&O Insurance Cover?

This type of insurance covers either a company or an individual in the case that a service you provide fails to uphold the standards that have been established between you and the client. For various professions, this type of mistake has different names. For example, doctors and chiropractors get filed for malpractice when they make a mistake on the job, while architects, lawyers, and engineers are filed for professional liability.

This insurance covers you for every error or omission that you make or more often than not that the client thinks you’ve made while you were on the job. Depending on the job, you could save hundreds, thousands, or for large companies doing a large home project even millions of dollars in funds.

What Does E&O Insurance Cover?

This policy covers things such as judgments, defense costs, and settlements. Even if it is discovered that you were not liable for the problems a person may have found with something you did on the job, you will still have to pay the lawyer and others who defended you through the proceedings. A company without insurance can suffer from large costs, and smaller companies can even go bankrupt.

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