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Sometimes you don’t want to hire an outside company to build your home or remodel it, but instead you want to do it yourself. Self-building can be a dangerous job that doesn’t just take a lot of time, but also the right materials. It’s important to be covered when you’re doing any sort of construction on your home, whether you’re building an extension to a key part of it or you’re building the entire thing from the ground up. You can get structural insurance for building your own home that protects you just as much as it would if a professional company did it.

Forms of Self-Building and Remodeling Coverage

One of the best forms of coverage you can receive is the type of structural insurance that keeps you protected for the first year that your home has been built. After a set date, for one entire year you can set rules that places your home under protection if defects are found due to workmanship that is poor in quality or due to materials being defective in some way shape or form.
In addition to the one year coverage you can choose between the 5 and 10 year coverage to help protect your home from major defects.
Your warrantor is your insurer for your first ten years of an agreed upon date for your coverage. Remember that the warrantor only covers you for building issues and problems for the first year, anything after that can only be considered if it is a major defect.

Reasons for Coverage

Building your own home or extension can save you in terms of cost, but you want to make sure that you are safe and prepared for anything that may go wrong. No matter how skilled of a builder you are, it is always wise to stay protected and this coverage can do that for you.

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