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Mixed use properties are very important to a lot of families as it doesn’t just serve as a place of work and business, but also as a home. In a lot of urban areas mixed use properties can be discovered throughout the area as a way to cut down on cost. It’s important that these properties get coverage in the case of an emergency where a person can not only lose their business, but their home as well.

Types of Mixed Use Properties

In many urban areas you can find various mixed use properties that are ran by small families and those that are ran by large corporations. You can discover hotels that double as restaurants, apartment complexes that have a bar in the lobby, or even small restaurants where the owners live upstairs. Different types of mixed use properties serve different purposes, but they are all important for insurance coverage. There are various types of coverage that you can get for mixed use properties in order to protect both the home and the shop from harm.

Different Types of Coverage

There are two types of coverage you can get for your mixed use properties. Since these properties serve a purpose that’s both residential and commercial, you can choose to get either or both types of coverage.
Commercial coverage can help protect the business side of your property. This coverage insures you in situations where the building was susceptible to fire, theft, or vandalism. This form of insurance is standard for most commercial businesses and it’s vital for you to get it.

Residential coverage is a bit different. You can get structural home insurance, and it can protect the home aspect in the same way that the commercial coverage protects your shop or business. Finding the right coverage is essential to running a well-protected home and shop for both you and your family

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